Inputted 7.6.22

We bought Three Ways Slade Farm back in September 2021. It is situated in East Devon in the South West corner of England in a valley and surrounded by beautiful grassy hills. Many have said the area is like living in a miniature Alpine area. The main activity around us is agriculture and although in the heart of the country we are just a few miles from Honiton, close to Exeter and about a 20 minute drive from the Jurassic Coast.

Three Ways had been unlived in for over four years and two of the old cattle barns, each with 18 cubicles, had been untouched for some years. Both looked like a scene from a Jurassic Park film when we first entered them, with piles of cow manure on the floor, and brambles coming through many cracks in the walls, over the corrugated roof and through the broken roof lights. After a lot of shovelling both have now been cleared.

We have just on 44 acres of fields around us all of which obviously have to be cared for.  We have plans for these but it will take a bit of time.

Several viewers of our website have asked about our activities on the farm, especially regarding the animals. So we will be writing a weekly update with, were possible, a few photos. We do hope you will join us in our venture and do feel free to let us know your comments.


Roe Deer

Beautiful Roe Deer

It's always interesting to see that is going on in our fields so we install night cameras at various points. This morning it photographed this lovely healthy roe doe. Somewhere around her are her two fawns which we hope in time to capture all three on film. (17.6.2022)